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    目前,東郊記憶已成為成都城市文化產業聚集、推廣平臺和具有全國知名度的特色旅游目的地,并先后獲得“國家音樂產業基地” “國家AAAA級旅游景區” “國家文化產業示范基地” “成都國家級文化和科技融合示范基地”“首批新聞出版產業示范項目”“國家工業遺產旅游基地”“第二批國家工業遺產”等國家級授牌。

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        Eastern Suburb Memory Music Park (hereinafter referred to as “Eastern Suburb Memory”) is located on the outside of east second ring road in Chengdu municipal. It covers an area of 282 mu and has a building area of 200,000 square meters. Authorized by Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Chengdu Media Group reconstructed this park from the former site of state-run Hongguang electron tube factory. This multicultural creative industrial park takes music as its core object to inherit the industrial civilization.  

        The project owner Chengdu Media Culture Investment Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu Media Group. It was established in June 2009 and is responsible for the planning, programming, design and construction of the music park. This project started to construction in January 2011. The Eastern Suburb Memory Music Park was officially opened to the public on September 29 of the year. 

    After more than seven years of improvement in operation, Eastern Suburb Memory has become a gathering and promotion platform for Chengdu's urban cultural industry and a unique travel destination with national popularity. It has successively won the National Music Industry Base,  “National AAAA-level Tourism Scenic Spot”, “National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base”, “National Cultural and Technological Integration Demonstration Base”, “First batch of Press Publication Industry Demonstration Project”, “National Industrial Heritage Tourism Base” and other national level awards, which has strengthened the foundation of digital music industry development, creative culture industry and technology tourism industry. At present, more than 110 enterprises has settled in the park, covering more than 10 kinds of industries including digital music, new media, exhibition performance, creative design, education and training, hotel catering, shopping and retail, entertainment experience and financial services, with more than 3,600 direct employees. 

        As the core physical carrier of Chengdu National Music Industry Base, Eastern Suburb Memory gathers various large-scale music, art research, training and performance institutions such as Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Chengdu Associated Theatre of Performing Art, Rongyi Film and Television Education Center, Chengdu Ziguang Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. Driven by this, various enterprises in the music, art and performance fields such as Star Theater,  Beehive Theater, Lotus Sprout Theater, Find Wisdom Piano Class, new media and mobile internet companies such as Google , DJI UAVs and PC online are gradually gathering in the park. At present, four functional belts have been initially established: one is the mobile internet and the new media industry gathering belt formed on both sides of the south branch road; the second is creative production, education and training, performing arts and entertainment function belt formed by the Performing Center, Chengdu Stage and other performance-oriented venues; Third, the convention and exhibition industry integration function belt based on the Exhibition Center; Four, the tourism service supporting function belt in the north street and south  Jianshe road mainly based on catering. 

        The park's 18 well-functioning exhibition venues, including the Chengdu Stage, the Performing Arts Center and the Kam Chung Exhibition Centre, ranging from more than 100 to more than 1500, forming theatres, exhibition venues and performance aggregates with different styles of tradition, ethnic, entertainment, science and technology .Relying on the advantageous resources of Chengdu Media Group and its own physical conditions,  the Eastern Suburb Memory Music Park vigorously introduces, develops and holds various cultural activities with brand and influence, such as these brand activities “Chengdu International Sister Cities Youth Music Week” and “China Music Industry Development Summit”, "Chanel 2018 Early Spring Vacation Series Conference", "2013 World Snooker International Championships", "Chinese Inspirational Songs in Migu List ? Chengdu Festival", "26th Chinese Opera Plum Blossom Awards Ceremony", "2017 China Chengdu ? BRICS Film Festival Closing Ceremony and Awards Ceremony", “Chengdu People's Story Meeting”, “International Puppet Festival”, “Eastern Suburb Memory Drama Week (Quarterly)”, “China (Chengdu) Digital Entertainment Festival”, “Milan Fashion Week China Tour and Chengdu Art Exhibition”, and "Cappella Series Concert". Since the opening of the park, more than 8,000 cultural events have been held, which have received nearly 20,000 batches of leaders, entrepreneurs, cultural celebrities, movie stars at central, provincial and municipal levels, and more than 42 million Chinese and foreign tourists.

        In order to speed up the connection and perfection of music industry chain in the park, the Eastern Suburb Memory Music Park is providing comprehensive innovation, entrepreneurship and incubation services through community-based operation model under the guidance of accelerating the development of provincial and municipal music industry , guiding "famous music studios, music micro-enterprise, original musicians, music developers, etc. to settle in and incubate, making the Eastern Suburb Memory Music Park the most credible and authoritative brand in the incubation industry for small and medium-sized music companies, establishing a benchmark for the music incubation industry and cultivating a number of music talents , enterprises to pushing the development of China's music industry. At the same time, the park is constantly introducing music content and projects, enriching the industry content, cultivating the people's music consumption habits, and activating the Chengdu music economy market.

        The Eastern Suburb Memory Music Park has become another “new city card” of Chengdu, and it is also an important carrier for Chengdu to accelerate the cultural industry, especially digital music, new media, cultural tourism and the incubation of double creations enterprise.


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